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Our company is a Manufacturers' Representative for Industrial Duty Fans and Make-Up Air Units, Louvers and Dampers, Fluid Mixers, Sieving Solutions, Heat Exchangers and New Cooling Towers as well as Cooling Tower Repairs. We proudly serve Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin for most of our product lines.
Americraft Fans celebrated their 70th Year in business last year and today's catalog includes fifteen various fan models including duct axial fans, wall/panel fans, roof ventilators, blowers and utility fans/man coolers. Nearly one half of their shipments are specially built to their customer's specifications, and Americraft Fans and Ventilation Systems operate in hundreds of different applications in all fifty states and world wide.
Amertech Tower Services strives to be the preeminent cooling tower solutions provider in the cooling tower industry offering new cooling towers, repairs, spare parts and after market services. They offer both wood and fiberglass new towers and have a field crew available for existing cooling tower inspections and repairs as well as rental units.
American Warming & Ventilation manufactures industrial duty dampers and louvers. They are a very diverse company and supply damper products for air pollution control and emissions control, waste water, heating and cooling recovery and for cooling towers as well. Their dampers can withstand up to 2200 F and offer isolation with less than 1% leakage. AWV is the only damper/louver company currently on ICM's approved vendor list for all Ethanol Plants that they have designed. In addition, they recently won a major job with a oil refinery out of Canada as well; ask us about the details on this job. In the waste water treatment market their 316 stainless steel dampers dominate this market at this time for many different reasons; give them a try to meet your waste treatment requirements at this time.
LOTUS Mixers has become the technology leader in the mixer market place and offers one of the broadest lines in the industry. In the Ethanol Industry they feature their "Plug and Play" drop-in program supplying replacement helical gear boxes as well as replacement wetted parts. In the oil patch LOTUS has been very successful with their Side Entering Magnetic Drive Mixers. LOTUS Mixers is proud to announce that they have been approved by ICM for replacement spare parts whether it be a new gear box or wetted parts. This program expands to all mixer companies as well; their gear box failures are excessive. LOTUS helical gear drives are much more reliable, cost effective and can ship in 24 hours in some cases; give them a try.
Fusion Fluid Equipment is a rapidly growing designer, manufacture and supplier of mixers, mixing accessories, static mixers and complete agitation systems for various processes for use in industrial and sanitary applications. Their Pro Series is the best portable mixer in the market place and very competitively priced as well. Its design is unique since its all Modular Design Concept means that you can replace the motor and/or gear box by simply removing four bolts. It also utilizes dual bearings rated for 8000 pounds of side load per bearing. There is no pinion gear on the shaft and all components are NEMA C face adaptable.
Heat Exchanger Design, world wide leaders in heat transfer technology, strives to offer the most innovative and economical heat transfer solutions while adhering to the highest standards for quality in the industry. They manufacture more types than any of their competitors including Hairpin (double pipe and multi-tube), Shell and Tube (bare and finned tube), Fuel Oil Line and Suction Heaters, Chillers, Condensers, Tank Heaters and Economizers.
Industrial Air Technology services the industrial fan market place with a complete line of centrifugal industrial fans and blowers. They understand the rigorous requirements particular to air movement applications and the fans are designed and built for users who value craftsmanship and reliable performance. They also do fan repairs as well as replacement wheels for any brand of fan.
VibraScreener specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial duty and sanitary vibrating screens and separators. Their sieving solutions are reliable and cost effective featuring higher capacity and easier to clean and dismantle. They also supply replacement screens for any brand of screener.
Weather-Rite is best known for high quality, industrial grade, premium featured commercial and industrial HVAC Systems, including Make-Up Air, Custom Air Handlers, large air volume heating and cooling air turnover units. Their new XT-Series is targeted at the commercial grade, price competitive, direct-fired unit market place.
Western States In 2017, Western States celebrated their 100th Year in business and they manufacture both batch and continuous centrifugals for both food and the chemical industries. In the 70's a series of continuous centrifuges were invented to separate various materials such as chemical waste treatment, bagasse (spongy remains from ground sugar cane), separating parts of the chicken in poultry processing as well as grease from the pork/bacon manufacturing process and lactose processing. Throughout the 80's and 90's, Western States manufactured the first USDA approved centrifuge for dairy products and continued in strong growth in both the food and chemical markets with its primary focus on processing crystalline materials.
JC Cross Company Most Ethanol and Food and Pulp and Paper customers are in search of a repair shop for Gardner Denver nash liquid ring vacuum pumps here in the upper Midwest; the JC Cross Company can service your requirements and save you money at the same time. They also have quite a large inventory of rebuilt and/or new pumps in the event of a pump failure. Give them a try and you will be impressed with the quality and reliability of their pumps and unsurpassed customer service.